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It doesn't necessarily have to be about TV but those seem to be the most out there. If you're interested in politics, "All's Fair In Love And War", by James Carville and Mary Matalin, about the 1992 presidential election, is really good. They were each deeply involved in the campaigns of their particular guy, Bill Clinton and George H. Bush, respectively, while at the same time dating each other.

Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line, if you're at all interested in factory/assembly line work, with some funny looks at management.

it all just strikes me as very confusing and very extreme It's not about wanting the perfect body.

It's about wanting the body that you feel you should have been born with. I didn't start my hormone treatment wanting to become the prettiest girl in town - I just wanted to look like a girl.

i will say though that i'd have a hard time dating anyone who was excessively into cosmetic surgery.

i hear you, and i will be the first to admit my thoughts on this subject are not as evolved as they should be.

A while ago I was told that I should read the terribly interesting "The Late Shift" by Bill Carter.

It's a fascinating account of everything that happened in the decision to choose Jay Leno over David Letterman to succeed Carson.

Explanation Marriage 1.0 meant that women married early. Women traded their sexual prime (their sexuality in their 20s) to a quality man in exchange for his monogamy, his providing for her, and being a caring and compatible partner. Today, women satisfy their 'gina tingles in their 20s by sleeping with Alphas, in what is thought as a desperate bid to pin them down into an LTR.

I'm skeptical that these lineages really predate the Islamic period considering that there's little to no continuity between the ancient Maltese and modern Maltese.

The island was all but depopulated after the Aghlabid invasion until being repopulated by Muslim settlers, mostly from Sicily, in the mid-11th century.

(Work-safe link before U "enter.") When I first saw him (he refers to himself as a man with a clit or pussy), I thought it would be fun to date him. However, the pretty ones I know want to have the surgery. a FTM who pursues bottom surgery is either going to be working with a small approximation made from the clitoris or some kind of prosthetic setup, neither of which would appeal to the average straight woman.

I'm bi-post-op TS and would love to date a pretty pre-op TS. not to be crude, but removing some bits and making a hole seems a lot easier than constructing a functional penis.

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