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Wander down by the marina, take a look in the Poké Centre or the Tourism Centre and even discover some of the local creatures living in the city.

Oh and listen to that epically tropical soundtrack too – we just can't get enough..

Unfortunately you can't catch any of them as you haven't got any Pokéballs and the Poké Mart is closed!

There is a special Pokémon catching quest to be had after your second battle with Team Skull, but unfortunately anything you catch is set free and your remaining Pokéballs taken away – the meanies.

If you're interested creating custom elements, check out our new article at, "Custom elements v1: reusable web components". The spec is one of several new API primitives landing under the Web Components umbrella, but it's quite possibly the most important.But there is probably more to it, so I would like to dive deeper into this and get the full picture."The monotony is probably due to battles feeling long. And also, for players who are seasoned action gamers, the demo didn't include a lot of situations to take advantage of your skills, so you probably couldn't carry out battles the way you wanted to, thus making it feel too monotonous overall."As I said earlier, resolving the issue of battles being too long will also resolve the issue of battles feeling too monotonous, so I think it'll change things a lot.Especially because you'll have the tools to shorten battles so that'll have a great effect on the experience.We've pored over the video and plucked out the pertinent information. "The lock-on was useless."The problem here is the camera is difficult to use, and the lock-on does not keeping the targeted enemy in the centre of the screen. There will be various features to shorten the time or each battle.Additionally, Tabata tackles one complaint that cropped up from North American players, and one complaint from European players. Tl;dr: it sounds like Square Enix really is listening, and the final version of Final Fantasy 15 will be all the better for it. Plus, the camera doesn't follow a locked-on enemy properly. Tabata said the development team is working on letting players know pressing R3 on the Dual Shock 4 controller locks on to a target.2. I can't tell what's going on."Especially during frantic battles, you can't tell where your party members or enemies are. "We may consider allowing the player to choose from different camera distances."3. Allies get in the way.""We will probably properly address it from the programming end..."5. But the drop in frame-rate is even more concerning."Frame-rate was the most common complaint from European and North American players (this isn't a surprise - check Digital Foundry's Final Fantasy 15 demo analysis). Whether it be magic, or combo-ing with joint attacks, there will be a lot of tactics at the player's disposal, so the amount of time spent recovering MP will probably go down in proportion to that."10.

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