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When the user clicks on this button, a webpage or new window is opened: To acquire data or perform other actions with API, application server has to perform HTTP POST or GET requests to server, providing necessary request parameters according to API specification.Parameters can be passed as HTTP GET, POST or COOKIE variables (however, POST is recommended). API provides following formats: that contains the API key of the application (API key is created when you create the application and it is used to identify the application that performs API requests).Interweaving personal memories with spy stories both real and fictionalized, this imaginative docu-memoir compares competing versions of Latvian history, debunking the Soviet propaganda that dominated during the long decades of Russian occupation following World War II.Winner of the best documentary prize at last month's Riga International Film Festival, The film and theatre director Peteris Krilovs was just two years old in 1951, when his father Osvalds Bileskalns was arrested and executed by the Riga branch of the KGB, Soviet Russia's notorious secret police.The library requires PHP5 environment and uses PHP session mechanism for storing user data during sessions.To be able to perform API calls, PHP configuration you have to enable access to HTTP URLs for If the function returns information for multiple users (eg, friends list), then the data is returned as array of user data arrays, where each element key is the user ID.Tasks are created so that through humor, increasing communication, and care, you will be able to understand each other better in seven important relationship scopes: cooperation, imagination, knowledge of each other, encouragement, crisis management, sex and intimacy.

In order to use the API key while the user is not online, application has to store the API key.After approval process, application receives user's API key that gives it a limited access to user's data and ability to post messages to user activity feed or profile news (if the application has permission to use these functions).If the user wants to discontinue use of the application, he can delete if from his profile.Their work included smuggling refugees to Sweden, as well as sending secret information to MI6 and the CIA.Russian agents infiltrated and betrayed the group in the early 1950s.

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