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Twenty-five minutes after I first logged on, a message came up: “You used to live across the hall from me freshman year at NYU.” And so my first date was set up.

I remembered him, and while I knew this wasn’t going to lead to romance, it felt like reconnecting with an old friend. Together we dished on all things Tinder—why did so many men (and women) insist on posting photos of themselves with their kids, for instance?

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In fact, she was the second single mom that week who had admitted to laying out serious cash for an online dating consultant. My insistence came from a deep need to pay it forward as only one single mom can do for another.

Just a month before, I had been on the receiving end of this special kind of assistance myself.

Quite simply, hair layering means the creation of variable lengths of strands throughout an established hair cut whether long, medium, short or mixed lengths.

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If you wish to spend infinite amounts of time and money for at-home or salon treatments then know going into your repair process what to expect.

Tina Fey’s character in the new romance comedy, is a cookie-cutter, straight edged Princeton admission officer, Portia Nathan. Forced to leave there pricey sanctuary in Manhattan, the couple ends up joining a commune of sorts and begin living among them.

A promotion is open for Portia, and she takes off on a recruiting trip for the upcoming year.

Even the term "layering" is often misunderstood by hairdressers and hair consumers alike.

This article was written to share hair secrets about what hair layering really is and tips on how to acquire the layered hairstyle of your dreams.

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