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Turned out a number of former, intermittent current CCDC students were involved besides Koi Mc Kay, including Emmi Sansor, Sandy Emvold, Robi Madson and Longtle Sal E IV. o) Emmi did a dance solo that showed her strengths, even though the stage was small and looked mighty slippery. Let's get those guys to put their toes in the dance water! More good-lookin' girls than in all your adolescent dreams! THANK YOU, JILL, for your gentle spirit and role modeling...." ... Major Grants are available in the following five categories: get in. It was great being on stage for 8 hours of rehearsal a day again! Although, I was dressed as Toad from Mario for one of the pieces, so no big promises there.

Good to see her perform well (as they say on SYTYCD) "in her own style". BUT...still NO new unsolicited or even solicited testimonials about MY "gentle spirit and role modeling"! Of course, I'm prejudiced for classically trained dancers and they fill the bill admirably: nice line, supple extensions, innovative lifts and choreography. I am told the videos from the show will be viral soon. I kept both of your wise words in mind during rehearsals and performances and rolled with the punches, and throughout all the glitches a student-run show is bound to encounter. Admission is free and open to the public, and a free-will offering will be received.

"Show Choir" choreography appears to be its own specialized genre: there's not a lot of room on stage and the traveling transitions could've been a nightmare. o) But, one question kept running through my mind: why aren't all these boys on stage showing up for CCDC partnering class? I don't think the little girl and little boy should've been allowed to compete. I never thought I could think higher of you, but I have even more respect for you guys in regards to the professionalism of the show. Johns multi-purpose room (turned into a performance stage with dance floor and lights! But what do the eclectic band and the modern dance company have in common besides & in their names?

But, all went well and the packed Saturday night crowd was very supportive with standing ovations after every segment. I could tailor a class for the guys to learn show-choir lifts safely if you want. Just generally, I believe competition at too young an age fosters too many bad habits and compromises an inexperienced dancer's development. I had to help throw together costumes last minute, and I wished for the organization at the studio. Speaking of shows, is there any news about this year? Johns new garage band called Asphalt & Stained Glass for a performance of live music and dance on Saturday, Jan. They both like to color outside the lines and defy conventional categories.

The clothing, a blue brassiere and a red skirt, was rolled up around the midsection of the corpse.

See also: [Stowe’s Twitterized Conversational Index]( — interestingly, Stowe became much more “chatty” on Twitter lately 😉 **Update: The Problem With Metrics** — a few thoughts on what metrics do to the way we behave with our tools.

Pope Francis continues to show he’s not your average pope. In that case, little girl, the only way you will see your cat again is if you reject God’s grace and end up in hell.” The Pope’s comment has reignited a debate on the subject, with the Humane Society saying that if Pope Francis believes animals have souls, then “we ought to seriously consider how we treat them,” a representative said.

During a public appearance this afternoon, Francis attempted to comfort a girl whose cat had died, saying, “One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ.

“We believe that some of the dismembering of the body was done at the seawall, because there were indentations on the wall as if someone was chopping something.

Even if all was not done there, something happened on the seawall,” one investigator informed.

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