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It may be used to treat men who aren’t well enough to have surgery or radiotherapy, or men who have been monitored with watchful waiting and the cancer progresses. You can have treatment in the following ways: You may have side effects during or after hormonal therapy.

These include; erection problems, bone thinning, hot flushes, weight gain and breast swelling.

Aside from the slightly stilted Dutch-to-English translation (which is actually kind of charming), this is some quality, commonsense advice from the nation that started the cannabis legalization trend long before the U.

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It’s funny how even the most well-meaning of advice can sometimes come off as condescending, patronizing, or even rude. So imagine our surprise here at Leafly when a list of helpful, friendly and nonjudgmental advice popped up on Reddit via Amsterdam’s cannabis coffeeshop circuit.Your doctor will discuss possible advantages and disadvantages of treatment with you.It may be given before radiotherapy to help shrink the tumour. It may also be given during or after radiotherapy to reduce the chance of the cancer coming back. If you are having hormonal therapy, your specialist will tell you when you will have it and how long for.Hormonal therapies can be given as injections or tablets.Some drugs ‘switch off’ the production of male hormones from the testicles by reducing the levels of a hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

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