Dima mammoth carbon dating

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The frozen bodies of a young woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius (Blumenbach, 1799)), wild horse (Equus sp.) and steppe bison (Bison priscus Bojanus, 1827) were recently found in the northern Yakutia (northeastern Siberia).

All specimens have preserved bones, skin and soft tissues.

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It was initially believed that the mammoths were hunted to extinction like all of the rest of the megafauna of North America by the Clovis culture.While the woolly mammoth and Pleistocene horse were represented by partial frozen bodies, the steppe bison body was recovered in absolutely complete state.All specimens were found frozen in the permafrost, with some of the tissues mummified.It’s a site that pumps out creationist commentary at such a rate that there’s already enough there to keep me occupied for many moons.So we can ill afford to stand around with lengthy introductions and instead must dive straight into one of the more egregious posts: “Mammoths have been used quite frequently to promote the idea of evolution theory and old habits die hard among theorists.

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