Diamond dating soulja boy

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His friend and former girlfriend Diamond was there to celebrate him..it looks like that might be back together.The rapstess also popped up on a few of his Instagram pics.

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Just being a woman period, in the industry, in a man’s world, it’s really hard.

But I think for me as Diamond, I don’t face that challenge. A lot of time I tell my manager, “I’m getting old now” you know when I turn 27, I got to stop and he’s like man “you still a baby”. I want to say he’s one of the first ones that initiated me to think on that level, when I started spending more time with him.

Rapper Soulja Boy celebrated his 23rd over the weekend with long time "friend" Diamond.

The former Crime Mobb Atlanta native, who’s been romantically linked to rapper Soulja Boy, dished on everything–new music, why she feels ‘old’ in this male-driven industry, why she declined to do Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, what her relationship is like now with her ex-boyfriend Lil Scappy and why she loves Soulja Boy, but isn’t ready to be married. I shot about three videos, and I drop one video tomorrow-called American woman. I’m going to do about 10 or 11 videos, in the mean time I’m working on my album. But my biggest one is to make sure that you have a lawyer to look at your paperwork.

We had a situation where, someone was stealing money from us and also there was a cease and desist on our project because at the time my management didn’t pay one of the writers who wrote on the album.

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